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“Music Is My Magic”

Visionary Artistry, In Service To Humanity, Divinity Guiding Destiny, Love Empowering Legacy...

We Look Forward to Rejoicing In Spirit with You!

Many Pathways to Praise

Welcome to the Official Website of St. James Gospel/Jazz Music, with Locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Beverly Hills, CA and Professional Music Services World Wide. Featuring the Internationally Renowned Artistry of Sylvia St. James, The St. James Gospel Choir, and the Progressive New Inspirational Presentation “Jesus Loves Jazz”.

Our services also include Talent Booking, Coordinating, Music Programing, Recording and Performing In support of Artists of various styles and Genres for Special Occasions, Corporate Events, Religious, Sacred and Secular. We Look Forward to Rejoicing in Spirit with You!

Thank You for Visiting St. James Gospel/Jazz! We Thank You in advance for your support of our Innovative Artistry and Creative Ministry Vision!

Our Professional Music Services

We Provide The Very Best Custom Designed Musical Programming & Live Talent Booking Featuring Musics Best Messengers of Artistry Excellence, Sylvia St. James & The St. James Gospel Choirs, Quartets, Ensembles, Soloists, Gospel/Jazz Instrumentalists, & Praise Dancers.

  • Designing Musical Programming
  • Coordinating and Talent Booking Services for Live Performance 
  • Presentation for Television, Film, Recording, Corporate Special Events, and Sacred or Secular Occasions

Our Specialties are Vocal and Instrumental Excellence and Diversity in Style, Genre, and Language! We look Forward to Rejoicing in Spirit with You!

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